Rules & Scoreholio

701 Capital Cornhole uses American Cornhole League (ACL) Rules as our base.

General Tournament Rules and Information

Once registered No refunds will be given.

Top 3 places of each game/division are guaranteed cash payouts.  Depending on number of participants, more places/cash payouts may be added.

All tournaments are double elimination 1 game on winners, 1 game on losers, unless noted otherwise.

Race to 21

Minimum participants to run separate divisional tournaments is 8.  If there is not enough for each division, they will be combined into one division.

CORN FILLED BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED!  Bring your own bags or use 701 Capital Cornhole house bags

After first notification, a 5 minute time limit to report to your game will start.  If you do not report with in the 5 minutes it will be a disqualification for that game.

Start of play—Pitch Sequence—end of play (2 of 3 games)

Each game begins with a coin toss / spin a bag, including each individual game of a three or more-game series   One player or team flips a coin and the other player or team calls their choice of “heads” or “tails

In doubles play, the winner of the coin toss will either choose (not both) (A) The lane and location of each player of that team which will be permanent for the entirety of the game.  (B) The player matchup for each board.

In doubles play, the loser of the coin toss will get to decide the outcome of the other option in the previous bullet not selected by the winning coin toss team.

In all divisions, the winner of the coin toss will choose which team or player will throw the first bag of the game.

If a player pitches in an incorrect sequence, the bag that is incorrectly pitched is forfeited.  Then, to reestablish the correct sequence of pitching, the opposing player will pitch two consecutive bags.

Player Conduct

Talking, yelling, and movement that is distracting to the opposing team is not permitted.

The 701 Capital Cornhole officials reserve the right to deem any behavior inappropriate if it harms the integrity of the game.

Officials may award warnings to any players who display inappropriate behavior including but not limited to negative references toward the 701 Capital Cornhole, throwing bags in anger, cussing, fighting, inappropriate gestures and comments disparaging 701 Capital Cornhole, its staff, sponsors, players, and fans.  If a player continues to display inappropriate behavior during a tournament, on social media or in the presence of sponsors after receiving a warning from an official, the official reserves the right to disqualify the player for the remainder of the tournament and/or ban them from playing in the 701 Capital Cornhole tournaments for the entire season.

Celebrations after throws will happen. Excessive celebrations that cause major delays are not acceptable. If a player celebrates a shot, the shot clock for the opponent will begin when the appropriate celebration by the player ends. Excessive celebrations may lead to disciplinary actions as outlined.

Full book of rules at 701 Capital Cornhole Booth.  

The 701 Capital Cornhole officials reserve the right to change rules.


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